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This resource manual provides helpful web links for your college, scholarship , and career research. You may utilize this resource manual when researching degree programs, colleges, majors, scholarships, careers, resumes, cover letters, and more. Also, feel free to browse these websites as they can provide you with general background information about colleges, scholarships, and careers. Enjoy!   


 Helpful Links for College Research and the Application Process


This website will be extremely helpful in discovering who and what you want to be; preparing for your academic future; selecting the right college for you; college application tips, tools , and advice; deciding on the right college for you; and paying for college. This website can essentially guide you through the college research and application process from beginning to end.


This website is more specifically tailored to Montana high school students and is maintained by the Student Assistance Foundation (SAF), a non - profit organization that is dedicated to helping stud ents and families finance and pursue their post - secondary education. This website will provide you with tips in getting to college and paying for college. It also offers FREE ACT and SAT practice tests. We will also utilize SAF services in creating an online portfolio to gain access to the Montana Career Information System (MCIS).


This website provides information on college planning, campus life, career exploration, and paying for college. The unique aspect about this website is that it allows you to take virtual tours of different college campuses! You may also create a portfolio on this website and by signing up you can get access to a regular newsletter, win a $1,000 scholarship, save your favorite virtual college tours , college planning information, be able to contact Admissions offices , and obtain a free college funding guide.


This website includes a college search engine, college admissions tips, financial aid tools and an EFC estimator, a scholarship search engine , and a “data locker” that will allow you to save your favorite colleges, scholarships, searches , and articles by creating an account.


This website provides a college search engine that allows you to search within a ra dius of a specific zip code or state/province or major cities. You can also look at a map of the United States and find colleges by clicking on a state. A ddition ally , this website provides information on financial aid, the college application process, camp us life, careers and majors, a “student lounge,” and a place for parents. This website also provides a log in service to maintain your searches, colleges, and facts.


This website provides information on colleges and majors, the SAT/PSAT, SAT Subject Tests, the ACT, AP tests, other tests, academic tutoring, careers, scholarships and a id, study abroad, and an opinion and advice section that provides straightforward advice about all of the above topics. This is a good website to co nsult when looking for interesting articles, figures , and ADVICE about college.

Helpful Links for Finding Scholarships

http://www.college - scholarships.com/free_scholarship_searches.htm

Consult this website for a long list of FREE scholarship sear ch engines! More scholarship engines are listed below ; however, this website provides a more extensive list of scholarship search engines! Also, DO NOT use a scholarship search engine that requires you to pay money for their services – it is most likely a scam and there are many, many FREE scholarship engines out there!


ScholarshipExperts match your academic and career interests to various scholarships that may be of interest t o you. You must register online and fill out an online survey of your interests which will generate a list of matching scholarships!

http://www.scholarship - monkey.com/

Scholarship Monkey is a free service for students and parents wishing to obtain scholarship information for academic pursuits. Scholarship Monkey allows individuals to match their profile and access information to over 1 million undergraduate, graduate, and professional scholarship awards worth in excess of $3 billion from more than 4,000 sources.

http://niea.org/media/scholarship s.php

The National Indian Education Association (NIEA) is a national non - profit organization that advocates on behalf of American Indians, Alaskan Natives, and Native Hawaiians in matters related to education. Consult this website for a list of scholarship s that are available specifically for Native students.


The American Indian College Fund (AIFC) provides scholarship support directly to each tribal college annually. AIFC also administer s several scholarship programs offered to American Indian students attending both tribal colleges and selected mainstream universities. Explore this website for further information on programs, organizations , and scholarships that exist for American Indian students.


The American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC) is the only national non - profit organization dedicated to aiding Indian graduate students in all fields of study. The AIGC website above lists scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. AIGC also administers the Gates Millennium Scholarship for American Indian/Alaskan Native students.


The American Indian Science and Engineering Society provides various scholarships to American Indian students. Consult the website above to view scholarships made possible through AISES.


Google various phrases to search for scholarships, e.g. “American Indian scholarships for Vet erinarians” or “Native scholarships for education” or “American Indian scholarships for Montana residents” and so on. Try to think of phrases that are specific to your interests, background, etc. 

Helpful Links for Career Research and Job Applications


This website offers you access to the Montana Career Information System (MCIS). We will utilize this website primarily in group settings, but you will also have individual access. You will create an online port folio through this website, which will serve as a personal career folder that offers a way to establish your very own career plans! It will help you apply MCIS information and tools in managing your own career development. Once you have created a portfolio you can save and store MCIS information of interest, exploration tool responses, personal reflections, plans, education and, work history.


This webpage is maintained by the state of Montana and is therefore tailored to Montana residents seeking employment. This site will give you access to a “My Future” portfolio where you may store articles and searches , the Montana Career Resource Network , Labor Market Information , and Downloadable Data Tables.

http://www.bls. gov/OCO/

This website houses the Occupational Outlook Handbook , which is revised and published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics every two years (a sub - office of the U.S. Department of Labor). The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized so urce of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. You may search for a specific occupation or topic using the search box available on every page of this site or browsing throu gh the Occupations links that are on the left side of each page or by an alphabetical listing. This is a TREMENDOUS resource in researching the demand, salary , and other statistics related to various careers. 

Helpful Links for Constructing your Personal Statement   

http://www.educationplanner.com/education_planner/essay.asp?sponsor=2 859&articleName=Admissions_Essay_101

This website will prove extremely helpful to you when constructing your personal statement for your applications to college and scholars hips that require essays. It will take you through six different lesson plans that are there to help you step - by - step with your essay!

Helpful Links for Constructing your Resume and Cover Letter


This website will help you build and store your resume and cover letters step - by - step. It also offers advice, tips , and sample high school resumes and cover letters.