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Hopa Mountain invests in rural and tribal citizen leaders who are improving education, ecological health, and economic development.

Junior Year

High School Scholars


This is an action plan with suggestions to make sure you are on track for college. 





  • Meet with your Guidance Counselor

  • Establish goals for the year, like:

    • Academic

    • Social

    • Extra-curricular

    • Outside school

    • New interests

    • Mastering existing interests

  • Focus on doing well in your courses and seek extra help from peers, teachers, and tutors when needed

  • Consider taking up a leadership role within your sports teams, clubs or volunteer organizations

  • Attend college fairs or college open houses in your area

  • Apply to College Horizons

  • Apply to MAP


  • Apply to INMED (Indians Into Medicine)

    • Even if you are not interested in the field of medicine, INMED offers a great college-like experience away from home with challenging courses.

  • Analyze what you want in a college by answering the following questions:

    • Do I want a small, medium, or large school?

    • Do I prefer an urban, suburban or rural campus?

    • How far from home? How often do I want to go home?

    • What am I looking for in a student body?

    • Is graduate school part of my plan?

    • Do I want a school with a widely recognized name, or a hidden gem?

    • Are there rigorous admission requirements?

    • What academic programs am I interested in? Does the school offer them?

    • How important are the social aspects od the college (Greek, community service, organizations, sports, etc.)

    • What kind of financial aid/assistance is provided?

  • Create a more targeted list of schools that meet the criteria established by your requirements

  • Keep focused on doing well in classes and seek extra help when needed

  • Prepare to take the ACT or SAT by taking practice tests

  • In January/February, register for the ACT or SAT March–May test dates

  • Schedule a time to meet with your Guidance Counselor to select courses and establish goals for Senior year

  • Study and take AP exams you've completed (if applicable)

  • Plan college tours of schools high on your list. Schedule tours of campus and meetings with staff to answer questions about campus life and program offerings

  • Review college application format/content (individual vs. the Common Application)

  • Strategize on college essay themes

  • Create a draft resume

  • Establish application timelime and task list

  • Use the College Planning Guide to help you evaluate potential schools and create a list of schools to investigate in more detail

  • Establish summer plan, like:

    • A Summer enrichment program at a local college

    • A paying job

    • Apply to QuestBridge

    • An internship or apprenticeship

  • Work with family to track college financing plan