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Hopa Mountain invests in rural and tribal citizen leaders who are improving education, ecological health, and economic development.

Sophomore Year

High School Scholars


This is an action plan with suggestions to make sure you are on track for college. 





  • Meet with your guidance counselor to ensure you are enrolled in college track courses

  • Focus on doing well in your courses and seek extra help from peers, teachers, and tutors when needed

  • Establish goals for the year, like:

    • Academic

    • Social

    • Extra-curricular

    • Outside school

    • New interests

    • Mastering existing interests

  • Contuing re-evaluate your engagement in school activities

  • Attend college fairs or college open houses in your area and become more specific on likes/dislike of certain

  • Talk to friends, relatives, etc. who are in college/went to college and ask them about their experiences. Be sure to ask about both positive and negative aspects their school

  • Keep focused on doing well in classes and seek extra help when needed

  • Expand your extra-curricular activities or focus more on areas of interest

  • Meet with your Guidance Counselor to select courses and establish goals for Sophomore year

  • Establish a summer plan, like:

  • More aggressively research scholarship opportunities and re-evaluate college and college financial options.

  • Create a more focused college list

  • Plan spring break or summer visits to colleges to experience the different types of college settings. Note your preferences for campus size and location